Booking for face-to-face services FAQs

Please note details marked * are different for Church on the Hill bookings – see below.

Key things you need to know:

  1. To come along, you must book in advance (see instructions below)
  2. One person should book seats for everyone in their household
  3. Due to space restrictions, booking doesn’t guarantee a place – an email later in the week will confirm whether or not you have a seat*
    please note: for Bethel in Farnham and Bethel in Aldershot, if the venue you have booked is oversubscribed we may allocate you a seat in the other venue
  4. Please don’t attend unless your seat is confirmed, as there won’t be space for you
  5. For those unable to come, we’ll continue to broadcast services online

So how do I book?

  1. One person from each household should book the appropriate number of seats for the whole household (or social bubble, if two households are in a bubble) so we know how to group the chairs, for the venue they wish to attend:
    1. if you live alone, please just book one ticket for yourself
    2. if you live with others, please make one booking, adding an additional ticket for each person in your household who wants to attend.
  2. Each week, booking will open at 1pm on Sunday and close at 12 noon the following Thursday*. You can only book within these times, for just one week at a time (this allows us adequate time to sort the seating layout and confirm exactly who we can fit in each week).
  3. Access the booking system via the link on the Bethel website homepage or in the Bethel Calendar on My ChurchSuite (also we’ll email links to the booking pages each week to those on the Bethel distribution list). Please ensure you click on the correct link for the venue you wish to attend.
  4. Once you’ve got the details on screen:
    1. click on ‘Sign up’ (unless you can already see that section on your screen)
    2. enter your contact details** (name, email address and phone number); if you’re accessing this via My ChurchSuite, these will already be filled in for you
    3. if you need to book for others in your household, click on ‘Add additional ticket’ and enter the person’s name and phone number**; repeat this for each person in your household who wants to attend
      **phone numbers are required under the Government’s track and trace system, and your email address is required so we can email you confirmation details
    4. tick to confirm you’ve read Bethel’s Privacy Notice
    5. click on ‘Proceed’
    6. check the details then click on ‘Confirm’, or ‘Back’ if you need to change anything
    7. you have thirty minutes to complete the booking, after which the system will time out if you haven’t completed the process and you would need to start again
  5. You’ll know the system has recorded your booking when you see a big tick and the words ‘Signed up’, with details of your booking underneath

What happens after I’ve booked?

  1. You’ll receive an automated email with all the booking details. Please note this is NOT confirmation of your seat(s)*.
  2. On Friday you will receive another email, either confirming your seat(s) or saying that you don’t have a seat(s) that week*. Please only attend the service if your booking is confirmed at this point. Please ensure you attend the correct venue, as per the details in your confirmation!
  3. Please note that if you’ve booked for a household, this applies to all seats in your booking.
    *For Church on the Hill bookings, whilst the process is the largely as above, please note that booking a place does guarantee you a seat, so you do not need to wait for an email on Friday letting you know whether or not you have a place. You’ll receive an email immediately after booking, which confirms your seat(s) and provides all the details you need in order to attend. Also booking for Church on the Hill will open at 5pm on a Sunday and close at midnight on a Thursday.

What if I need to change my booking?

  1. If you need to amend or cancel your booking, please contact the Church Administrator (Paula McNeight) on ASAP; the system will not allow you to amend the booking yourself.

How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

  1. Friday’s email will confirm this, and will contain information you need to know before attending, so please read it carefully.*

What if there isn’t space for me?

  1. We’re sorry for any disappointment but please do not attend. Join the service online (use the link on the Bethel Live! Webapge), and try booking again for the next week.

What about bringing my children?

  1. Whilst children are welcome, and we’d love to see families at the services, there are various restrictions that parents need to be aware of:
    1. Unfortunately, at the current time we are unable to provide any activities for the children, including creche facilities.
      We hope this will change soon, as restrictions ease and guidelines for children at churches are clarified, and we will update you when that happens.
    2. Children will need to remain seated with their parents and will not be able to move around the church, in order to maintain social distancing. This applies to before and after the service, as well as during it, and to the whole church premises (including the car parks).
    3. It will be the responsibility of parents to ensure their children adhere to these guidelines at all times.
    4. We appreciate that many children, especially younger ones, will find this difficult if not impossible, and therefore some parents may decide not to attend with their children at this stage.
    5. If you plan to bring your children, please ensure within your booking that you request an additional ticket for each child that will require a seat.

What about over 70s?

  1. From 1st August, Government guidance is changing for those who are particularly vulnerable, such as over 70s and those who have been shielding. This will allow them the opportunity to leave their homes.
  2. Anyone in this group who wishes to attend services should discuss the risks with others in their household and/or wider family.
  3. If, after these discussions, they are comfortable attending church, we would welcome them to book seat(s).

What if I can’t book online?

  1. If you don’t have internet access, please contact the Church Administrator (Paula McNeight) to book. Phone her on 01252 719243, and if necessary leave a message giving your phone number, name and the names of others in your household who would like to attend.
  2. Paula will then let you know whether or not we can give you a seat(s) that week.
  3. If there is space for you, Paula will provide all the information you need in order to attend.

What happens after the service?

  1. We have to leave immediately after the service ends, as per Government guidelines, to limit social interaction between different households.
  2. Alternatively, you might like to take the opportunity to meet afterwards with up to five other people in a local park or at home.

We are sorry if these measures seem a little draconian, but we need to follow the guidelines that have been issued by the Government for everyone’s safety.

And whilst we are doing all we can to ensure that Bethel is COVID-secure, no visit to the building can be guaranteed 100% safe; if you choose to attend services you are doing so at your own risk.