mikeMike Hitchings, Pastor

I am married to Kathryn.  We have three children Eleanor, Connie and Reuben.

I became Pastor here at Bethel in September 2011.  I am employed full-time by the church and lead the church together with the other elders.

My parents were Christians and took me to church regularly.  Like many, I assumed this made me a Christian too.  At about eleven years old, I realised I did not know God for myself.  I faced up to my sin and found forgiveness in Jesus.

I worked in Probation and Youth Justice as a practitioner and manager.  It was a good career and I felt that it made a contribution to making society better.  However, I also knew that we were only putting a sticking plaster on people’s lives – we weren’t touching the basic problem of their relationship to God.

I was delighted when others confirmed what I was feeling: that I was called to Christian ministry.  Having trained with a church in Ipswich and served churches in Suffolk for a while, I came to Bethel.  It is a great privilege to me to serve and to lead the church community here.

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