30th June 2019

June 30, 2019

Terry Boyle

March 12, 2017

John 4: 46-54

November 2, 2014

Proverbs – an anthology of cleverness – Agur

An anthology of cleverness - Agur Agur’s humility Agur’s Six important questions Agur’s unique style? Agur’s sense of humour

Hebrew poetry and sandwiches

Proverbs and Parallelisms Six Ways to Make a Sandwich Say the Same Thing Twice (SYNONYM) Contrast of Opposites (ANTITHESIS) Fill In the Blank (ASSYMETRY) This Reminds Me Of…  (SYMBOLISM) A…

Lady Wisdom and Madam Folly

Rules of Thumb and Fingers in the Wind

James 5 v 13-20

February 23, 2014